Fetty Wap and Monty make one excellent team. The two Remy Boyz members have had a number of hit collaborations between them such as "679," "Jugg" and "My Way." Today (Jan. 4), Fetty and Monty release their latest collab "Way You Are," a fantastic record that displays the rappers "Ignorant R&B" style.

"She make it seem like she my dream type/What you mean like, she just scream right/Yeah, you're a bitch nigga, get the green light/Pour a Eight baby, get the lean right," Fetty sings.

"Way You Are" follows up their previous collaborations “Sh*t I Like,” "Right Back" and "Victor Cruz," their ode to their hometown of Paterson, N.J, which were all released sporadically last year.

The "My Way" rapper was in the news lately when a rumor began that he and Nicki Minaj were dating. The rumor started after they released their single "Like A Star" two months ago. A few weeks after that, Nicki Minaj wrote a cryptic Instagram post many believed to be aimed at Meek Mill and their breakup. That's when rumors started to pair her and Fetty Wap together. However, the talk is completely false.

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