I believe several people will purchase J. Cole's 'Born Sinner' album and will enjoy it.  I know I am looking forward to it and I haven't wanted to hear a hip-hop album in a long time.  I'm sure I have five reasons why you're going to join me in buying 'Born Sinner' album on June 18th, 2013.



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    We're Tired of Songs With Too Many Artist Featured

    J. Cole will deliver his sophomore album 'Born Sinner' without any featured rap artist.  It has become annoying that every song has to have three features.  In addition to a lot of features on the songs, we get the same artist over and over again.  Where is the originality at? It will be on 'Born Sinner.'

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    He Does Not Use Jay-Z to Promote His Album

    It seems like Young Simba does not use his boss enough to spread the word about his music.  Many people would love to ride the coat tail to one of the greatest entertainers of our time.  J. Cole decides to take things into his own hands and allows the music to speak for itself.  You have to respect someone like J. Cole for that reason alone.

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    He will be Showing off his Production Skills

    One of the reason we like Kanye West is because he produces great music.  Now, Cole gets to show off his skills and maybe we will follow him like we do Yeezy.  Some of the music from his prior projects featured some of his own production work.  No one has come out and said he skills as a producer is terrible so, we can look forward to 'Born Sinner' being exclusively produced by himself.

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    J. Cole is an Authentic Emcee

    In the beginning and up until now, Cole has been a true emcee.  He doesn't rap about bizarre behavior like doing hard drugs and an elicit lifestyle.  Instead, the Roc Nation rapper talks about his mother, everyday issues, paying student loans, and trying to reach the top.  People are drawn to artist they can connect with and the North Carolina emcee connects with the everyday music fan.

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    The Dollar & Dream Tour

    To promote the sophomore album, Cole is touring major cities but with a major twist.  The venues are kept secret and you can not get tickets early.  The admission fee is only one dollar.  You have to check out the tour dates to make sure you're there.