Flint Junior High students will be off of school until Monday thanks in part to another closure because of the heat.

Flint school officials announced that the Junior High would be closed again today (Thursday the 22nd) due to the heat. This is the second day in a row the school was forced to keep students home. They made the announcement on Facebook along with the reminder that there is no school on Friday.

There was already a planned day off on Friday, so that means students will try to do the school thing again on Monday. Superintendent, Derrick Lopez issued a statement about the heat closures.

We encourage any parents with questions or concerns to contact the district directly. Thanks to Home Depot and public donations, five buildings have classroom units or central air. We are actively pursuing donations of additional units for the remaining seven buildings. In the meantime, the district will close buildings if they become too hot

The problem is that temps are expected to get back into the 80's on Sunday, and continue to be there for the early part of next week.

I've said this a million times, but if a school is not prepared to deal with summer time temperatures, they should NOT go to a balanced calendar. I am a huge fan of the balanced calendar, but being forced to cancel school because of 80 degree heat is ridiculous.

Hopefully the district can get things figured out so the kids can get adjusted to their new schedule.

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