This Saturday, August 6th, you can dance or you can just go to watch...either way this event seems like it's gonna be dope! 

Every Wednesday, Fli-City Studios holds free open sessions, and any and everyone can come dance or just see if it's something they would be interested in. We checked it out and caught wind of the Flint Town Get Down event this Saturday at the Friends of Berston Field House. It's one on one breaking and popping battles - doors open at 1PM and battles begin at 4.

Jared and Alisyn Hurd are the owners of Fli-City Studios and Vertical Ambition Dance Company (you can catch Club 93.7 Jam Session Host DJ Tron performing with them quite often), and they were cool enough to give a few minutes of their time to explain and invite us (yes that means you, too) to the Flint Town Get Down. They also have many affordable ways for people in our community to get their dance on, like talent-based and need-based scholarships for their classes, which they also cover in the video. There is a wide variety of types of classes offered, so if breaking and popping isn't your thing, that's fine too.

The whole crew at Fli-City Studios seems like they really care about our city, and that they just want to help bring us all together even more. Watch the video, check out some of the people at open session practice their skills, then go bang that old school hip-hop that you haven't played in far too long while you twerk in the mirror. Even if you hold off on the twerking, check out the video and tell a friend or twelve.

Fli-City Studios is on Oak Street just north of Court Street in Flint.

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