R&B duo Floetry performed a sold-out show at Atlanta's Center Stage on Saturday (Aug. 1). It’s safe to say that the group has a solid following in the Peach state. The excitement surrounding their reunion tour was palpable.

In 2002, the group dropped Floetic, their debut album, but by the time they release their third effort, Flo’Ology, Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart had drifted apart and went on to nurture their solo careers.

“What’s happening family?” said Stewart who was dressed in a draped gown and silver bangles. “You know, it’s never been about labels, radioplay or payola with us. It’s always just been about us and you.” The crowd hollered back with their approval in unison as Ambrosius, dressed in black, cooed a melody to back Stewart’s soliloquy.

Backed by a live band, the duo moved into some fan favorites like “Headache” from their debut album. Stewart related the 2002 track to the social unrest that’s sweeping the states currently.

“If the biggest problem in your life is figuring out where your partner is, you have a blessed life. These are western world problems," she said. “It’s 2015. And people are being pulled over and shot in the face. People are being thrown to the ground and held down. While rappers are having Twitter beefs."

Then the two had their own mini-sets within the show with Stewart starting it off. The Floacist giddily brought Musiq Soulchild out on stage, who was in town to do some studio work. “You know we have a song together right?" she prodded. “They don’t wanna hear that,” Soulchild teased.

The two ended up moving into their collaborative effort “Forever” and afterward Soulchild offered this tidbit: “Those wondering and have a lot of crap to say about what I’ve been doing. I am working on another album.” The crowd hollered their approval.

Later, Ambrosius made her way back to the stage and for the first time all evening, concertgoers had the opportunity to hear her perspective and it was vastly different than that of her fellow group member. “I’m ratchet and I’ve always been,” she shared, flippantly. “However, I’m British with it so I’m ‘ra-shay.’”

The band started the first few notes of “Hope She Cheats On You (With a Basketball Player)” and her rant made sense. The Songstress' voice is clear and impeccable live -- even as she exudes much attitude and spunk while singing. “B-----s ain’t s--- but hoes and tricks,” she taunted at the end.

Stewart returned to the stage near the end of the show with one last run of Floetry hits including the “Butterflies” demo, “Say Yes” and “Getting Late.” The audience was gleeful, there were countless phones in the air and the R&B tandem seemed just as excited to have found their way back to each other again.

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