Honesty is always the best policy especially when a Florida woman holds a sign seeking money for a boob job.  You can't knock the hustle, cue Jay Z.

Christina Andrews solicited help to pay for a breast job on a busy intersection in Pensacola, Florida by holding up a sign that simply read,

"Not homeless, need boobs."

I don't think anyone have seen this type of soliciting in Flint but you have to give her credit for being honest and creative.  Andrews told WEAR-TV,

‘I just want bigger boobs, because I’m not happy with the ones I have and I figured this was a good way to do it."

"People put out signs that they’re homeless. I’m not…so I’m just being honest.’

To Andrews surprise people actually gave her money.  I imagine more men than women but nonetheless, she received some donations.  The boob job solicitor believes her attempt was successful due to the news stations coverage which helped her bring in money and laughs for drivers.

If you were to see this woman on the side of the road in Flint, would you have given her some money?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.