Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been ordered to pay Manny Pacquiao $114K for not showing up to court.  Do you remember awhile back when Mayweather Jr. said Pacquiao was using performance enhancement drugs?  Pacquiao took Mayweather Jr. to court over it and the judge didn't think that was nice of him to not show up to court.

Mayweather Jr. has failed to show to court and the judge ruled in favor of Pacquiao to receive $144K in lawyer fees.  Mayweather Jr. has claimed that he was too busy to attend court due to training for several fights in the past year.  Pacquiao claimed that Mayweather Jr.'s was lying and for that reason alone should win the case out right.

The judge turned down the full victory for Pacquiao but ordered Mayweather Jr. to fork over $114K.

Now after all this money being ordered to be paid to Pacquiao, do you think we will ever see them fight in the ring? [spotted at TMZ]