Floyd Mayweather is seeking emergency release from jail.  The superstar boxer is currently in jail for attacking his girlfriend a while back ago.  Now the famed boxer is seeking to be released from jail ASAP!

Mayweather is seeking to be released for medical reason that could cause him not to fight again.  His team is saying the boxer is confined to 23 hours in his cell which is causing deteriorating condition that could be irreversible.

Truthfully I don't know if I believe him or not.  No one wants to see Floyd 'Money' Mayweather deteriorate to point that he may not fight again.  On the other hand, you shouldn't be able to leave jail for house arrest because you are locked up.  Its a catch 22. I wonder if he would have tried to stay in jail if Pacquiao would have beaten Bradley?

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports Mayweather’s lawyers filed an emergency motion Monday asking that he serve the remainder of his three-month sentence under house arrest.

Lawyer Richard Wright says Mayweather’s health is deteriorating by being confined to his cell 23 hours a day and restricted from working out. Jailers are keeping him from the general inmate population because of his celebrity status.

The motion says the boxer’s doctor believes the conditions could do irreversible damage to Mayweather’s physique.

Jail officials weren’t immediately available for comment.

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