Just days into 2022, YK Osiris apparently has more debts to settle.

This time, it's with French Montana. On Sunday (Jan. 2), French went on his Instagram Story and jokingly claimed that the "Worth It" singer is going to pay up what he owes the Bronx rapper, similar to how Drake put YK on blast last year.

"I found my nigga," French said. "He owe me some money. He don't wanna pay me, but I'm gonna get my money in Bahamas."

YK, who is standing directly beside the They Got Amnesia artist, inquires about his debt amidst laughter. To which French replies, "You owe me $5,000 from bowling. You never paid me." He added, "On God, I'm getting my money."

YK Osiris then tells French Montana that he can expect his money in "two more weeks."

Towards the end of 2021, rappers appeared to come out of the woodwork, sometimes jokingly, but other times seriously putting the Jacksonville, Fla. native on blast for unpaid debts.

Lil Baby was the first to call out YK back in November while they were at a jewelry store. Like French Montana, Baby wanted his $5,000 back from YK.

Weeks later, Drake claimed YK Osiris had a debt of $60,000, but to settle the amount, Drizzy simply required that YK show off his vocals in the Grammy-nominated rapper's Toronto home. YK immediately obliged, performing his breakout hit, "Worth It."

While the 6 God's $60,000 may or may not have been an actual debt, Lil Baby didn't seem to be playing.

After the news of YK's debts emerged, he also made a hefty purchase, cashing out $350,000 on a pair of diamond stud earrings, one of which he has since lost.

Following that unfortunate incident, YK Osiris revealed that his car had been broken into and $5,000 worth of clothing was stolen from the SUV.

Hopefully things turn around for YK in 2022.

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