Funkmaster Flex has clapped back at Conway The Machine after the Griselda rapper called him and other New York City DJs "gatekeeping weirdos" and "clowns."

On Tuesday (July 12), Funkmaster Flex hit up Instagram and went in hard in response to some harsh words Conway The Machine had about DJs in New York City, specifically Flex and DJ Suss One. Following a viral rant in which Conway called out Funk Flex by name while airing out heavy grievances he holds toward hip-hop media figures, the veteran DJ decided to let the Buffalo, N.Y. spitter know exactly how he feels.

After questioning why Conway is so angry with him in the first place, the famed mixtape curator countered the "Bang" MC's comments that implied he is out of touch with the current wave of rap. Flex used Griselda's major accolades and industry connections as means to explain that while he doesn't understand the hostility toward him.

"Why do I get on the nerves of multi-platinum, worldwide touring artist[s] like Griselda?" wrote Funkmaster Flex in an IG post accompanied by a clip of Conway The Machine's recent rant. "Artists like Griselda? Managed by Roc Nation and signed to Eminem/Interscope? I'm old, over the hill, irrelevant, plus I'm not in tune with the new generation. My support is pretty much not needed? Why do I make so many people upset?"

From there, Funk Flex ramped up his aggression toward Machine's call out. In a lengthy follow-up post, the acclaimed DJ listed the many cosigns both Conway and Griselda have received throughout the rap game in an implication that perhaps the Buffalo, N.Y. crew is beyond their peak.

"You and your team have had a feature from Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Jadakiss, Travis Scott, French Montana and more," continued Flex. "Wasn't you on Kanye's Donda album? I'm gonna give you the advice Paul Rosenberg should [have] gave you. You're a 40-plus 'bars rapper,' sorry, lyricist, that has had every resource possible. If you are not happy with your career as of today with all them cosigns, I think you have peaked, my guy. What you think?"

Before signing off for the night, Funkmaster Flex let his petty light shine bright, offering Conway a chance to respond to him and further addressing Machine's claims that he is too old for the game.

"Haha. You still up?" wrote Flex, tagging Conway The Machine's Instagram handle. "You said you wanted to debate, my friend? Let's start here. Remember, you started this ... You're only gonna take this as disrespect because the truth might be a bit much for you. Signed, Grandpa, Wheelchair Bandit, Warm Milk General."

The jump-off point for Funkmaster Flex's animated clap back was when Conway The Machine hit up IG Live about the fact that he feels hip-hop media figures like Flex have a chokehold on his style of rap music.

"New York and shit, in my opinion, man, y'all gotta get them old niggas up out the way like Flex and them niggas, man," said Conway. "Them gatekeepers that ya'll got up there that's trying to dictate, c'mon, bro. Good thing I don't need ya'll niggas because if I needed y'all niggas, ya'll niggas would be fake stifling my growth."

Later in the livestream, the "Tyson vs. Ali" rhymer continued to lean into his disdain for Funk Flex, calling the O.G. radio personality a "weirdo" and a "clown."

"It's weirdos like y'all weirdo DJ niggas and y'all niggas think that ya'll run new york, nigga," he continued. "Y'all is lame and clowns. I hate the motha fuckin’ the media. I hate you DJ niggas."

Since throwing the initial shots at Flex and his hip-hop media peers, Conway The Machine has yet to respond following the aforementioned opportunity to have a debate with the New York City DJ.

Watch Conway The Machine Call Out Funkmaster Flex in the Video Clip Below

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