Future is dropping a new, self-titled album, a project he only first gave notice of this week, but it seems quite the real possibility that the prolific rapper is sitting on multiple drops. There's Beast Mode 16, which Zaytoven said was finished in September, and the below video titled "Night Vision Ep.1" which shows DJ Esco in the studio playing a new Future track.

Metro Boomin produced the new tune, but not much else translates through. Future uses the refrain "What the fuck you mean?" and says at clip's end, "All my family call me Pluto, don't you never forget it." The tracklist for Future's self-titled album was released yesterday, and cross-referencing with this new track doesn't reveal any direct link.

As the world waits another day for that album drop, Future keeps his hand in multiple pots, appearing on the new Maroon 5 single "Cold" as well. Towards the beginning of 2016, Future dropped two projects, Evol and Purple Reign, within three weeks off each other. His last release came in June of last year, when he dropped Project E.T. with Esco. Future released the single "Used to This" with Drake later on, in November, but that will not appear on his self-titled album.

Peep the teaser video below, with night vision less necessary tomorrow (Feb. 17), when Future's recent moves come into the light.

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