In the summer of 2017, Jay-Z appeared to reference Future on "Kill Jay Z," a song that finds Hov imagining life with his son playing football with a man his lady was dating after a breakup. Now, more than a year-and-a-half after the song dropped, Future has spoken his piece on the matter and a conversation he and Jay had about the bars.

Speaking with the Durrty Boyz on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 radio station in an interview published late yesterday (Jan. 22), Hendrix says Hov should've held him down instead of throwing the perceived shots. Apparently, Jay told him there was no ill will in the line.

"With Jay-Z when I talked to him he was like 'I didn't mean to say that. I didn't mean it like that,'" Future said. "I was just like 'You supposed to be bigging up the rap community. You need to let the NFL deal with the NFL. You supposed to be bigging up me if anything we come from the trenches. I come from the streets, you come from the streets. You supposed to be bigging me up. You not supposed to be giving no negative attention on a hot line for something that's always going to be out. He was like 'My fault and all that' but it's out now so it ain't just 'my fault' or whatever it is. It is what it is. I'm not even trippin' off him."

For those that didn't know, Future's baby's mother, Ciara, is married to Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson. Wilson, Ciara and Future have reportedly had an up-and-down relationship regarding Wilson's spending time with Baby Future, and that's why people believed Hov's line was directed at Hendrix.

The lyric in question, the aforementioned "Kill Jay Z," is the first track on Shawn Carter's 4:44 album. On the track, the Brooklyn native raps "I don't even know what you woulda done/In the future other niggas playin' football with your son."

Elsewhere in the interview, Future emphasizes that he doesn't hate Wilson. Last week, though, he seemingly implied that Wilson doesn't have a mind of his own, claiming that Wilson does whatever Ciara tells him to do.

Watch Future speak on Jay-Z's line about him in "Kill Jay Z" below.

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