This story will flip you out. Rapper Game, who always has a charitable heart, donated to IHOP’s National Pancake Day festivities in a major way.

The Compton rapper went to his local IHOP restaurant on Tuesday (March 3) and dropped a $5,000 contribution into the restaurant chain’s donation box. He posted a photo on his Instagram page for proof. "Just because the pancakes free don't mean we can't contribute to the cause.... $5,000 to ihop !!!! @therobinhoodproject" he wrote in the caption.

IHOP launched #NationalPancakeDay back in March 2006. The program includes free pancakes for breakfast lovers worldwide. Since then, the company has raised $16 million for various charities. This year, the goal is to raise $3.5 million.

The charity is quite easy. Customers can order a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes if they leave a donation for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital or other charities linked with IHOP.

Game’s huge donation allowed him to order a gigantic stack of pancakes, which the rapper was willing to devour -- although we think he may need more syrup.

He's one of the most altruistic rappers in hip-hop. He’s the creator of the Robin Hood Project, which raises money to help people who need assistance with paying for funerals and hospital bills. Last year, the rapper was honored with a humanitarian award at the 25th annual Talk of the Town event for his charitable efforts.

“It all started when I gave one kid from Africa $20,” he wrote on his Instagram page. “That created @therobinhoodproject and since then I’ve given away over a million dollars of my own money hand to hand and through charitable organizations. Never thought in a million years I’d have even an extra dollar to giveaway let alone a million. #Humbled.”

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