By far my favorite rapper of all-time is The Game! We had him in the studio last year and he was just a few months from releasing his new album "R.E.D" but something happened and it new dropped. Game is back in the studio reworking the entire album and hints at Dre and Wayne being part of it.

He said:

"I called Wayne and I was like, 'Yo I need you to kill this hook.' He was like, 'No problem,' and he did his thing for me. Wayne been on this I Am Still Music tour, man, doing his thing. That's like my brother. We from the same side of the rag. So you know what it is, man, we representing. Me and Wayne, we been in the studio vibe before; it just wasn't on this song."

Game also spoke about his "The R.E.D. Album" which doesn't have a drop date yet. He said:

"The release date is probably late July or early August. I'll let Jimmy Iovine put that red paint on the calendar and give us a specific date. All I know is that the album is almost finished. Dre is finishing up Detox and then he going to help me finish up mine. I'm like 90, 95 percent done. Just waiting on Dre to finish his project and then come on over and lend his ear and probably mix a couple of songs, especially the ones that he did, and we're going to see it in stores."