When people say the word gang a very negative definition usually is what you think of, well that may not be the case anymore.Tthere are a lot of people that are saying rap is dead, then there's people like me who still believe that it will never die. Yes there are a lot of talentless fools getting rich, and we have seen more one hit wonders now more than ever. There are still some very positive things happening in Hip-Hop.

The most recent thing that I have noticed is the abundance of "gangs", it seems like every single rapper is with one. Lets see you have Taylor Gang, Rich Gang, Rretty Gang, and Hustle Gang just to name a few. But none of them are selling dope (allegedly), or shooting up rival gang hangouts. In fact it is the exact opposite, these gangs are full of successful young people doing what they love.And a lot of them actually have songs together as well as tour together on the regular.

I feel like this is a good image to be portraying to kids nowadays, why join a gang where everyone dies or goes to prison, when you can rap. Let's be honest they're probably already doing that anyways.

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