After the success of 'Sharknado' Syfy has wasted no time cashing in on the worlds new shark obsession with the release of there new movie 'Ghost Shark'.

'Sharknado' was a huge hit for the people of the Syfy network, the move was a trending topic on twitter, and broke records for ratings. They have since revealed that they do have a squeal to the movie in the works, they have not given out any major details. But before the sequel hits the small screen people's appetite for shark movies will be satisfied with the new thriller 'Ghost shark'.

This movie is sure to please the fans of 'Sharknado', the plot of the story is nothing like killer sharks raining down on a busy city but is still full if suspense. 'Ghost Shark' is set to premiere August 22nd. The film stars Mackenzie Rosman, Richard Moll, Tim Taylor, and Lucky Johnson.

I don't know about you but I am excited to see this movie, I feel like this is the perfect set up for Shark week and boy do I love Shark week.