Gilles is gifting his fans with a new tune, "Opulent AF," with an assist from CyHi the Prynce.

On the track, the Georgia native kicks rhymes about "transforming like Voltron" and his home city, the ATL.

"Like, yeah I'm from Atlanta and yeah, I like fly s---," said Gilles in a press statement. "...but, it's always gon' come down to these raps for me. So, Opulent is that juxtaposition rolled into one record. The wit is essential."

The rhymer also shared how the collaboration came about.

"So, I actually used to work with his cousin Drue at Macy's...he knew I rapped and he was always like, 'Yo, my cousin raps too and he's been making some moves.' This was pre-G.O.O.D. Music but, even back then I was like, 'Bruh, THIS N---- CAN RAP,' which for me was always the thing because I too like to think I'm bout this rap s---. Once I got my weight up, he was definitely on the short list of artists I wanted to work with so I called Drue like, 'Yo, It's time, bro.' He made the play and now we out here living opulent."

And there it is.

This latest track serves as the second single from Gilles as prep for his forthcoming project. (The title has yet to be released.)

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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