Ginuwine has become the subject of debate on Twitter after he refused to kiss a trans woman on television.

In the clip above, the R&B vet is among the celebrities featured on the reality show Big Brother UK. On a recent episode, co-star India Willoughby, who identifies as a trans woman, asked Ginuwine would he date a trans woman to which he replied, no. Willoughby then tries to kiss Ginuwine and is immediately curved to the tenth power.

The clip has sparked a heated debate on Twitter over whether Ginuwine was transphobic for refusing to kiss a trans woman on live television. However, most people are standing up for the singer and his choice to kiss whomever he wants without being criticized.

"Calling Ginuwine transphobic for not wanting to kiss a trans woman makes as much sense as me trying to kiss a lesbian, getting rejected, then calling her heterophobic," wrote one user.

Another person tweeted, "Ginuwine was within his rights to refuse that kiss. Since when was it OK to plant your lips on another person without consent ... I'll wait."

Read more reactions from folks on Twitter below.

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