I don't know who is dumber, the guy who cheated or the girl who incriminated herself by posting for this everyone to see.

Being cheated on sucks. I've personally been cheated on twice, and it sucked both times. When you find out you have so many mixed emotions. You want to scream, throw everything off of a cliff, and just lose your mind. I know I'm a man and according to society I'm not suppose to cry, but when I found out my girlfriend was screwing around on me, I cried. I also wanted to burn the entire world down. I didn't though, because I have this thing called control. This woman obviously doesn't know about control. The only thing she knows how to control is a bottle of nail polish remover and a lighter. Cooler heads always prevail, and not only did this woman fail at being cool, but she incriminated herself after posting this all over the internet.