Jonatha Carr was in her evolution class at 'FAU' reviewing for her mid-term with an associate professor when she snapped.

She started to get more crazy as she repeatedly asked the professor why evolution kills black people.

When he tried to answer the question she lost it, and threatened to kill him, and everyone else in the class.

Some of the audio is hard to understand, but it is very clear that Jonatha threatens to kill every single person in the room.

She takes time to point out every person, and says something about them, even poking one student in the face.

A university technician enters the room and orders her to leave, but wasn't having that.  Some students left the room to call the police, and a group of others eventually forced her out of the room.

There's no word on what actions the university will take next.

Jonatha Carr Goes Crazy (NSFW Language)

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