Eagles are predators with great eyesight, but this Golden Eagle must have lost his contacts when he mistook a baby sitting in the grass for a rabbit, or whatever small animal was about to become dinner.

The guy filming the whole thing is just tracking this huge Eagle soaring through the air when he realizes that the bird has been sizing up it's prey the entire time!

When the Golden Eagle swoops down and grabs the baby everyone is in shock.  The baby actually gets lifted a few feet off the ground before the Eagle realizes that this isn't the meal he wanted.

If anything this is a quick reminder that nature is violent, even when we think we are in complete control.  The video is amazing, but you MUST watch the slow motion replay to see how close this was to becoming an all out tragedy.

Or if this were the setting for a Disney movie, the boy would be taken back to the nest and raised as an eagle.  Then in his early teen years he would meet a princess who left the castle against her fathers commands to pursue her love of bird watching.  The two would fall in love, and the Eagle boy would turn his back on the bird family that raised him until his princess was captured by the Eagles sworn enemy, THE FOX (or something like that).  The boy would then return to the nest to beg for forgiveness and help rescuing his bride.  The Eagle clan would reject him except for one outcast bird who has always bonded with our boy eagle.  The two would set out on the impossible mission to save the princess, and when all hope was lost the human and Eagle families arrive on the scene at the same time and form a new friendship. . . . or something like that.