Pelting children with candy has never been more fun.

OK, 'pelting children with candy' sounds a little too aggressive.  It's actually about finding a fun way for the kids to get candy while social distancing.  Lately, we've seen people all over Michigan finding super creative ways to deliver candy to trick-or-treaters during the pandemic.  Last year a Garden City, Michigan man used a spooky zipline.  You have to see it to believe it.  Click here for that story.

Christine Mullan of Grand Rapids was on the hunt for the perfect, fun, and safe candy delivery system.  Christine kept doing research and coming up with ideas to run by her husband.  The Mullan family landed on a large slingshot for last Halloween.  The design didn't work out so well, as the candy would basically drop at their feet.  This year, however, is a different story according to WZZM,

It works almost too well, launching sweet treats some 50 feet across the yard! According to Christine, her kids and their friends are big fans of the slingshot.

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So, what's next for the Mullan family?  Cue up your favorite Smashing Pumpkins song for this one.  After Halloween, they plan on testing the strength of their slingshot by attempting to launch pumpkins.

Do you know of someone that got uber-creative with Halloween this year?  Let us know about it in the comments.  Happy Halloween.

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