Great Harvest Bread in Grand Blanc has started a 'Shut Down Shelf' to help ease the pain of not getting a paycheck for government workers.

The note on the 'Shut Down Shelf' reads:

If you are a government employee who is not receiving a paycheck during this difficult time, please ask and we would be so happy to make sure you have a free loaf of Great Harvest Bread for your household.

The response to what Great Harvest is doing has been amazing, with praise pouring in from families affected by the shutdown. The Facebook post went up Monday afternoon, and has been shared thousands of times since.

The urge to be angry at our political leaders is strong. It's very easy to get online and complain about the problems they cause in the name of politics.

It is not easy to take all of that anger, and flip it into love by helping the people who are actually affected.

I can't say enough good things about what Great Harvest Bread in Grand Blanc is doing. I know where I'll be grabbing lunch today, and I think you should probably do the same.

Great Harvest is located at 252 Perry Rd in Grand Blanc.

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