The Green Bay Packers are the current Super Bowl Champs. They have waited since February to finally receive their Super Bowl Rings. Well as you'll see in this video, it was well worth the wait. Take a look at the detail that goes into making each and every ring. Makes you appreciate them even more... or want one!

After watching this, my Wife better LOVE her ring I got her. I know she does, but I didn't know that it took so much to make a ring. Well the jewelry company Josten's in Green Bay started the Super Bowl ring tradition in 1967 and was excited to be doing it again with the Packers. They do amazing work. I hope Terelle Pryor never gets one because he'll just sell his to get tattoos. Never the less, the Pack all met up with their families and received them recently and I'm happy because I picked them to win it all last year and it made me look like a genius! Come on Lions... let's get on soon!