A day after dropping his new record “Drop Top Wizop Freestyle,” Gucci Mane links up with Rocko for "Pardon Me." Both of them go off on the new collab.

"I know a nigga rap but I could of been a stylist/Feel like a jeweler 'cause I rock so many diamonds/I could never run for president, my past is too violent/Fam so broke so I had to start grinding/Why am I looking bummy, everybody else shinning/Turned into a burglar and did a couple break-ins/Started as a corner boy and turned into a kingpin," Gucci raps in the beginning of the song.

This is the first record that Rocko and Guwop has made since they reconciled in February. The two Atlanta rappers posed for a pic together while at NFL player Mike Vick’s retirement party. They previously had beef back in 2013 when Guwop went off on a Twitter rant and mentioned the “U.O.E.N.O.” rapper.

It isn't clear if "Pardon Me" will be on Gucci's upcoming Drop Top Wizop project but reps from the camp have confirmed with XXL that the new song will be used in an upcoming movie. Big Guwop and Rick Ross have a film coming out soon. Gucci is also dropping his new book The Autobiography of Gucci Mane later this year.

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