Halloween comes every year, but Halloween does not. Am I making sense? Halloween the holiday is an annual tradition; Halloween the movie is more of an infrequent scary trick and/or treat.

But Halloween is returning for Halloween 2018 in a big way. Jamie Lee Curtis, star of the first two films in the classic slasher franchise (and also Hallowen H20), is back for a new Halloween written and directed by David Gordon Green (apparently only people who use their middle names are allowed to work on this project). Today marks the first day of shooting on this new Halloween, and to celebrate Curtis tweeted out a really cool photo prepping the film’s first shot, standing next to Green and one of the original clapboards from the first Halloween directed by John Carpenter:

This looks great, from the mom jeans to that vintage clapboard. (Unless David Gordon Green is playing Michael Myers, and this is the character’s look in the film. That would be bad. But I’m assuming he’s not.)

This is the 11th Halloween film and the first in over 10 years, since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. The cast also includes Judy Greer and Will Patton and, yes, Michael Myers will be back as well to haunt Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode at least one more time. (But probably more than that? Michael Myers has had more lives than a kid playing Nintendo with the Contra cheat code.)

As Jamie Lee so kindly made clear, David Gordon Green’s Halloween opens in theaters on October 19.

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