Chicago native Harold Green covered Pharrell Williams' new song 'Happy' for his 'Flowers For The Living' series. The acoustic cover brings together friends of the Chicago poet to give their unique rendition of the growing popular song. 

The 'Flowers For A Living' series consists of the first 14 days of February in which Harold and his wife, along with friends, cover a wide range of songs and posting them daily on YouTube.  The videos started uploading to the internet in 2011 and have received positive feedback.

Harold opens up his verse on the Pharrell Williams song by saying,

"When you're 20 feet tall, you can see over walls. Obstacles become small.

I'm to in tuned to worry about the outcome. This smile can't be out done.

And moments like this, I'm not worried about income."

Harold taps his friend Erthie St. James for the lead vocals while Dee Wilson plays the acoustic guitar. The background vocals harmonize well with Nycee Butler and Jasmine Sullivan. Last year, Harold and his wife covered Jay Z's 'Song Cry' and it was the stand out video from 'FFTL' 2013.

Pharrell has been busy receiving accolades for his work with winning a Grammy for 'Producer of the Year' and an Oscar nomination for his 24 hour video for 'Happy.'  After having a huge year in 2013, Mr. Williams is riding the wave of success.