It used to be that we only heard about the interesting names that celebrities bestowed upon their children. (Hello, Apple!) However, thanks to the vastness of the internet, now when normal folks give their kids questionable names we can catch wind of that too.

And, actually, the internet has a lot to do with today's naming debacle. Apparently someone has christened their child "Hashtag Jameson." Not much is known about little Hashtag's folks, like whether or not they have the Gwyneth Paltrow-like resources to pay for her eventual therapy. (Yes, Hashtag is a girl's name.)

Given the speed in which internet fads come and go, it's entirely possible by the time Hashtag makes it to elementary school none of her classmates will have heard about Twitter, possibly mitigating some of her moniker's ridiculousness.

It's also possible, given the other misspellings in mom's message above, that this is simply a case of an unfortunate auto-correct. Which, by the way, is also no name for a baby.