It's 100 in Flint this July and while most people are just trying to cope with the heat, some are actually hitting the air conditioned malls to get a jump on their Christmas shopping!

It's hard to believe for a person like myself who is usually in a store on Christmas Eve, but a new survey shows that some people are actually Christmas shopping RIGHT NOW!

Based on the survey:
13 percent of Americans have already started shopping for the holidays.
17 percent plan to take advantage of Christmas in July sales.
• 11 percent said they shop year-round for holiday gifts.
• Almost a quarter who have children younger than 6 said they have already done at least some shopping
15 percent said they have bought most of their presents, and 4 percent said they are completely finished.
• 36 percent won't start on their holiday lists until September
21 percent said they'll wait until November