The death penalty is always a very controversial topic, but supporters think that the new 'Head-Ripping-Off' machine will help change peoples minds about it.

Ohio is the latest state to unveil the new technology that will help law enforcement officials execute criminals in the most humane way possible.

While ripping off someones head may sound cruel and unusual, there are many points to the machine that prove otherwise.

  • It emits soothing white noise while working
  • Features a cushioned seat
  • The claws are coated with a topical anesthetic
  • This machine is completely fake, and will never actually rip anyone's head off

The Head Ripper is a literal game changer in the world of capital punishment, and has other states rushing to innovate new methods.  Below is a picture of the 'Mashinator', which is being tested in some states around the country.

The Mashinator
The Mashinator

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