Asher Roth is in true comedic form for his new track "Oops." Produced by Oren Yoel, the banger with a hook courtesy of D.A. is rock heavy and lighthearted. As always, the Philly rapper drops modern day gems, strategic punchlines and even manages to shouts out indie pop star Lykke Li. Clearly, Asher is in no mood to apologize for having his fun.

Premiering the track first with Billboard, the former XXL Freshman calls "Oops" "just another example of making cool shit with my friends. Oren & D.A. are some of my closest in the business."

Earlier this year, Asher has teamed up with Boston's Michael Christmas and Larry June for "Laundry" and Blended Babies on "Gun." Roth may have been flying under the radar so far this year, but it might be because he's got his focus on 2017 already. The 31-year-old launched his own radio show on Dash Radio, Radical Magical, and is working on a full length album slated to drop next year. The stoner star also working on a Bongress marijuana-education campaign and launching the I Love College Foundation to help alleviate student loan debt.

Roth's own streaming platform,, has launched a number of video series, including one called Rap Life. It's here where Roth will drop the video to "Oops" soon.

Check out the rock-infused "Oops" here.

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