A high school football player mom steals his letter of intent on signing day.  Now I have heard and experienced parents controlling a kids college future but this story takes the cake.  You won't believe it either.

Alex Collins, five star running back from Florida, was ready to sign his letter of intent on signing day after giving a verbal commitment.  Collins had the signing day event planned but before it was showtime, mom made a switch move.

Collins will be attending the University of Arkansas and his mother is not happy about it.  After giving a verbal commitment to the school, Collins was ready to sign the papers but his mother stole the letter of intent and fled the school.  Her actions embarrassed him deeply.

Collins will continue his journey of higher education and athletics at the University of Arkansas. Reports are saying his mother didn't want him to leave the state of Florida.  Oh well mom, get over it.

Do you think parents to should have control over their kids higher education decisions? via CBSSports