In hip-hop, there's always been appreciation for having a "calling card." Whether it's a rapper having a go-to ad-lib or a production style being so unique that you know it every time a song plays, artists within the genre want to stick out. One of the ways producers separate themselves from the pack is with a tag, an audio drop that plays during their beats that makes it clear who produced the track. Surging to popularity in the early 2000s, producer tags are everywhere now. Add in the prevalence of social media and the much smaller proximity of producers to fans and your tag can become huge. Here, XXL highlights some of the most popular producer tags, from the names you need to know in hip-hop.

From ChaseTheMoney's "ChaseTheMoney ChaseTheMoney," voiced by Valee, to EarDrummers' pitched-down tag or the internet favorite P'ierre Bourne catchphrase, "Yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?," rap listeners already know what they are in for, just off of a short audio clip. In hip-hop today, the tags add to a song, creating hype and anticipation when the song has barely started.

For the record, there's a mix of new names with popular tags, along with veterans. Mike Will Made-It has been putting in work for a while, and you definitely know his producer tag when you hear it. There's also Tay Keith, who just got his big break in 2018 with BlocBoy JB and Drake's "Look Alive"; every time you hear his beats, he makes sure you know who put the work in. And Southside's "Southside on the track, yeahhh!" has been heard for years.

Listen to some of the coolest producer tags in hip-hop.

  • Metro Boomin

    "If young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you" or "Metro Boomin want some more, n***a!"
  • Southside

    "Southside on the track, yeahhh!"
  • Pi'erre Bourne

    "Yo, Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?"
  • Tay Keith

    "Tay Keith, f**k these n***as up!"
  • Ronny J

    "Oh my god, Ronny!"
  • LondonOnDaTrack

    "We got London on da track!"
  • Just Blaze

    "Just Blaaaze!"
  • Harry Fraud

    "La musica de Harry Fraud!"
  • ChaseTheMoney

    "ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney!"
  • LilJuMadeDaBeat

    "Lil Ju made this beat!"
  • Maaly Raw

    "Dat be Maaly Raw!"
  • Buddah Bless

    "Buddah, bless this beat!"
  • DJ Durel

    "DJ Durel!"
  • 808 Mafia

    "808 Mafia"
  • Cardo

    "Cardo got wings!"
  • Nick Mira

    "Nick, you're stupid!"
  • Internet Money

    "Internet Money, b***h!"
  • EarDrummers

  • Quay Global

    "Cook that s**t up, Quay!"
  • Beat By Jeff

    "Aye, let me hear that h*e, Jeff!"
  • Turbo

    "Run that back, Turbo!"
  • Wheezy

    "Wheezy outta here!"
  • JetsonMade

    "Oh lawd, Jetson made another one!"
  • Kenny Beats

    "Whoa, Kenny!"
  • Jahlil Beats

    "Jahlil Beats, holla at me!"
  • Drumma Boy

    "Listen to this track, (b***h)!"
  • Sonny Digital

    "Sonny rollin' grams of wax!"
  • DJ Khaled

    "We The Best Music! Another one!"
  • Young Chop

    "Young Chop on the beat!"
  • Murda Beatz

    "Murda on the beat, so it's not nice!"
  • Mike WiLL Made-It

    "Mike WiLL Made-It!"
  • AxL Beats

  • 808 Melo

    "Traphouse mob!"
  • Ron-Ron

    "Ron-Ron, do dat s**t!"
  • 30 Roc

    "30, you a fool for this one"
  • Hitmaka

  • Sonic

  • Chopsquad DJ

    "DJ on the beat, so it's a banger"
  • CashmoneyAp

  • Earl on the Beat

    "Earl on the beat!"
  • D.A Doman

    "D.A got that dope!"
  • Mustard

    "Mustard on the beat, h*e!"
  • Supah Mario

    "Let's go, Mario!"
  • Hit-Boy

  • J White Did It

    "J White, I need a beat I can go off on, ooh"
  • Sosa 808

    "Sosa 808, got this bih knockin', n***a, aye!"
  • OG Parker

    "OG Parker!"
  • Take a Daytrip

    "DayTrip took it to 10!"
  • ATL Jacob

    "ATL Jacob!"
  • Bankroll Got It

    "Bankroll got it!"

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