There's an old adage that says, "it ain't where you're from, it's where you're at."  But in the world of hip-hop, location is paramount to one's image and identity.

Hip-Hop may be as inclusive and homogeneous as ever, but there was once a time where representing where you're from and staying true to your roots was everything.

While regional borders within the culture have become all but extinct, hip-hop artists over the years have provided a taste of their favorite things worldwide through their music and visuals. You could be living in the Midwest, but get a sense of New York or Los Angeles culture through your favorite rapper's rhymes. One of the biggest things covered was where you could go in an artist's hometown to catch a quality meal, intel that proved essential for frequent travelers.

Many of the eateries shouted out in hip-hop have gone on to become cultural institutions and hip-hop landmarks in their own right.

Remember when Ice Cube got a FatBurger at two in the morning? Or when Diddy made Da Band trek through NYC for a slice of cheesecake from Juniors?

To that end, The Boombox has compiled a list of fifteen of the most beloved eateries in hip-hop history that have left an impact on the culture.

15 of Hip-Hop's Most Beloved Restaurants & Food Chains

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