The Detroit Tigers did not start out as Tigers, so how did the jungle cat come to live in the D?

When the Tigers were just a minor league team, they were actually known as the Wolverines. They were sometimes referred to as the Tigers as a tribute to Michigan's oldest military unit.

Michigan's 425th National Guard infantry regiment was named the Tigers. They served in the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War. When Detroit joined the newly formed American League in 1901, they were granted permission to take on the Tigers name permanently. Check out some the history of how all of the MLB teams got their nicknames here.

Since it is opening day, you should brush up on your baseball trivia so you can impress your friends that aren't impressed by how drunk some other guy got before the game.

  • Away teams traditionally wear gray uniforms goes all they way back to the late 1800's because teams on the road wouldn't have the time or resources to wash uniforms between games.
  • The life span of an average game ball is about 7 pitches. During a normal nine inning game, around 70 balls are used.
  • The last team to install lights at their stadium was the Cubs. They finally installed stadium lights at Wrigley in 1988.

I'd bore you with more useless baseball trivia, but let's face it. The drunk guy trying to talk his way into the stadium after throwing up twice is way more entertaining.

Have fun and be safe today  Friday.

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