This is a picture of one of the actual gloves that Michael Jackson wore while on tour more than 20 years ago.  An auction house put it up for bidding on Saturday night and you won't believe how much someone paid!  Find out below.

Julien's Auctions says a lone glove worn by Jackson during the "Bad" tour in the late 1980s sold for $330,000 at the "Icons & Idols" auction Saturday night. A jacket signed by Jackson brought in $96,000 and a fedora he wore on stage went for $72,000 at the Julien's Auctions event.

MJ is the king; I would never deny that, but isn't this a little bit ridiculous?  Almost $500,000 on things that he wore once seems a bit extreme to me.  I guess its timely that his new album is on the way out too (which may or may not feature him singing new songs).  I guess I'm having such a hard time with this because I can't imagine paying so much money on something I couldn't use the second I got it home!    Is there any artist you would shell out big money on to get something they've touched?

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