Oh, snap - did I just find out how to make a snow volcano? Yes, I did and I am going to share the step-by-step instructions with you. It's super easy, safe to make and chances are you already have the three ingredients to make it. The only thing we are missing right now is the actual snow, but it will come eventually.

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The three ingredients you need are baking soda, food coloring, and vinegar. There are no actual explosives required, trust me if you follow these easy steps no one will be injured. If you go rogue and add in dynamite or the element of fire - that is all on you (but seriously, please don't do that).

I have to tell you for someone who hates the snow (me), I am actually excited to make a snow volcano. In my how-to gallery below you will see orange and or red food coloring used in this particular snow volcano. When you think about it, the options are endless, you could do multiple snow volcanos featuring different colors of 'lava' in each. Talk about beating the winter blues.

Since these snow volcanos are not dangerous to make, I recommend cracking some cold ones or mixing a cocktail while waiting for your volcano(s) to erupt. Why not make it a snow volcano party? Go big or go home this winter.

When you make your snow volcano this winter send me a video or a picture, or better yet invite me over. Check out my snow volcano gallery below.

How To Make A Snow Volcano

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