Gentlemen, if you want to keep your wife happy, please do not sell her wedding ring without her knowing.  While his wife was delivering their fifth baby, a husband accidentally sold his wife's beautiful $23k diamond wedding ring for only $10.  I couldn't make this up. 

Eric Cloutier accidentally placed his wife's wedding ring on sale for only $10 and someone bought it.  Eric's wife, Racquel Cloutier, was delivering their fifth child when the transaction went down.  Racquel hid the wedding ring in a white box so her twin daughters wouldn't find and lose it.  I guess she should have hid it from her husband as well.

Eric hosted a garage sell when he accidentally sold the wedding ring.  Placing everything in front of the home, Eric placed the white box out for $10.  The dumbfounded husband didn't check the box before selling it and the consumer walked away with the elegant wedding ring for only $10.

After spending about a week in the hospital Racquel came home to search for her wedding ring.  Racquel told ABC News about coming up short in her quest for the wedding band.

“I go into my husband’s closet, can’t find the box, and then he tells me he sold it. I said, ‘You sold it? What do you mean you sold it?’ I immediately started crying.”

Eric believes the blonde haired woman will be honest and return the wedding ring once she notice what is in the white box.  I really hope that the wedding ring will be returned because this could kill the passion a marriage especially with the Cloutier's fifth child.

Do you think the wedding ring will ever be returned or should the Cloutier shop for another beautiful wedding ring?  Leave your response below in the comment section.