Tell me if I'm crazy here, but this time line doesn't make any sense to me.

Wednesday Morning: Eva Longoria Parker makes TMZ remove a story about her pending divorce because it is "totally false".

Wednesday Afternoon: Eva Longoria (soon to not be) Parker marches into the courthouse and files for divorce.

I'm no lawyer but wouldn't that make the story that TMZ was forced to pull down, not "totally false"?

I'm sick of listening to celebrities say one thing and do the exact opposite, all in the name of their image.  Why don't they realize that lying might hurt their image?

The only thing that would make what Eva did acceptable is if she was buying time to make it look like she dumped Tony.  That way all the kids in the lunch room would look at Tony funny instead of her. (see what I did there?)

At the end of the day, Tony "sexted" with another woman and got caught.  He deserves to be divorced now, especially since Eva said she was "blindsided and shocked" he would cheat.  Wait a minute here . . . "blindsided and shocked" that a professional athlete would cheat?  I guess the lying is starting all over again.