Idk is not a fan of Logic, and he explains why on his latest single, “Trigger Happy."

On the song, which dropped on Wednesday (March 6), the Maryland rapper claims that Logic and his manager tried to ruin his deal after he called out the rapper for "trying to prove that he's Black."

"Logic and his manager tried to ruin my deal/I guess that’s what happens when you tell a nigga who spent his whole career proving that he's Black that he ain't black still/But when you taking food out my fridge I ain't gotta chill," Idk says of Logic, who has a Black father and a White mother.

The ferocious freestyler goes on to boast that no mainstream rapper can "cock-block him" lyrically before going on to say he's running the rap game.

In addition to the song, the 26-year-old artist also released an accompanying video directed by Jason Mills. The visually-stunning clip finds Idk in various locations spitting his fiery bars as the imagery of him turns into double vision right before our eyes.

Idk, which is short for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge, released his mixtape IDK & Friends back in November and is currently working on his new album called Ishereal.

Listen to Idk throw a couple of lyrical shots at Logic in his "Trigger Happy" video below.

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