Rapper-singer ILoveMakonnen has collaborated with plenty of rap artists in the past, but at least one of those collabs was one he felt didn't get the support it deserved from his collaborator.

In a Thursday (June 20) interview on Beats 1 Radio's Proud podcast, ILoveMakonnen says that Gucci Mane didn’t help him support their collaborative song, “Spendin,” which Makonnen dropped back in January.

“No disrespect to Gucci Mane but he didn't support the record that we just put out together and I never got to meet him in person as well,” Makonnen says. “It was just a business dealing. And it's the music industry, and people deal how they deal in their business.”

Makonnen adds that rappers have not shown any support for him since coming out as an openly gay artist. The rapper says that homophobia is still present in the hip-hop community.

“I haven't had any vocal support from any of them. You know what I mean? To say that it's cool, it's okay, for whatever. Not even it's cool, it's okay, but just like, we accept you and we fuck with you still. None of them had said that to me,” Makonnen says. “It is what it is. But I just don't want people to get it twisted. Don't think that it's all good in the hood, because it's still not until people can man up and face themselves. Then they could face me.”

Makonnen's comments come five months after he used a tweet to make known his disappointment with the lack of support he'd gotten for something. While he didn't list names, the message was tweeted addressed the same idea of rappers trying to succeed in a homophobic world.

“It’s a shame when y’all favorite artists can’t publicly support they favorite artist cus they afraid of the backlash they will get from their own fans for supporting an openly gay artist," Makonnen tweeted at the time.

Listen to ILoveMakonnen talk about homophobia in the hip-hop community below. See a screenshot of his tweet about a lack of support beneath that.

@ILoveMakonnen5D via Twitter
@ILoveMakonnen5D via Twitter

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