No, this isn't some crazy conspiracy that the government created Pokemon Go to track your every step because duh we all know they're already doing that!

Pokemon Go is the latest app to take over the world and have everyone buzzing about. The app (which has already been downloaded over 15 million times), is great to get people outside and interact with others, but its also eating up your data and tracking your every step.

According to USA Today, Pokemon Go is tracking your location and using your camera every time you open the app. Although it isn't clear if Niantic (the company that owns Pokemon Go) is selling your data, it's not out of the ordinary for smart phone apps to do so. Facebook and Google have publicly stated that any data they have access to on your smartphone can and will be used to sell to companies. Although their privacy policy is very vague, rumors have circulated that the app can spy on your entire google account.

Niantic has made a public statement regarding using your data and tracking your location at all times, and claim that they have contacted Google and requested that the data that is being used is only the basic profile data that the app needs.

This isn't an article to freak everyone out and make 15 million people delete the app (because we all know that isn't going to happen), its just a PSA to warn people that just like any app, its tracking your every move.

*insert Big Brother, NSA, and Illuminati memes here*


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