Every time a police officer laces up the boots, puts on their vest, tightens their belt, and walks out the door they are putting their lives in danger knowing they may not return to their home. From altercations to tragic accidents, law enforcement officers understand that they must be prepared to risk their life to save someone else's life at any given moment.

For most officers this isn't a daily occurrence, and some are even lucky enough to never be put in these kinds of situations. On the other hand, many officers are constantly dealing with these scenarios or were unfortunately on duty in an area where something occurred. The main piece is that these officers must have the fight instinct rather than the flight instinct in these cases or things could end horribly. These Michigan officers fought with everything they had.

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In the video above that was found on Twitter, the two officers approached a tape off section of street which has a couple of down but live wires inside. Upon approaching the scene, they noticed that a young man was laying in the center of the chaos. He had grabbed the live wire, been electrocuted, and was still holding on to it.

They quickly remove his body from the area and the wire from his grasp, load him into the back of one of the squad trucks while supporting his spine and neck to prevent further injury. The body cam footage cuts off as they drive away towards the hospital.

Not all public safety officers are heroes but these two certaintly are which means the statement that not all heroes wear capes is true. I hope that there are more officers of the law out there that would be willing to risk their life to save someone else who may be in danger, no matter who it is.

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