For many people the NBC sitcom 'The Office' was a landmark series with quotable lines and memorable characters and storylines.

The mockumentary series that followed the daily lives of a fictional paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, went off the air in 2013 - now more than a decade ago.

Plans are in the works to create a reboot of The Office, not with the same cast, rather in the same fictional universe with the documentary crew behind The Office looking at their next subject - a dying newspaper in the American Midwest.

Variety reports that the new version of The Office has been picked up by Peacock, notably the streaming arm of NBC which aired the original run.

The pitch of the reboot:

The documentary crew that immortalized Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch is in search of a new subject when they discover a dying historic Midwestern newspaper and the publisher trying to revive it with volunteer reporters.

It wouldn't be difficult to imagine a mid-tier rust belt city in Michigan feeling a lot like the original Office's Scranton. Think Saginaw, Muskegon or Flint.

Producers began writing the episodes in May. With a pick-up from a streaming service, the next step is likely casting and filming. There is, however, no launch date yet for a reboot.

Perhaps the new series will have a couple who will need a wedding in Niagara Falls just like Jim and Pam.

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