Would you believe that the biggest TikToker in Southwest Michigan has 6.5 million followers? Check out the biggest TikTok creators in Southwest Michigan.

The app that mainly featured teens doing dance and lip-syncing trends back in 2016 became the most downloaded app in the United States a couple of years later after the variety of content drastically expanded.  Scrolling through the app now you'll find politics, news, comedy, life hacks, and much more.  What you see when you're scrolling very much depends upon your interests and tastes and the app has quite the knack for laser-focusing your "FYP."

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It's worth noting that getting a strong following on the TikTok platform is not easy.  Aside from having compelling content and in many cases posting daily, TikTok creators have to battle the app itself.  Sounds getting muted, videos being removed and other strange actions taken by the TikTok app have made it difficult for all creators to build a brand and following.  Let's celebrate the TikTok creators right here in Southwest Michigan who have battled these issues and come out on top.

24 Biggest Southwest Michigan TikTok Creators in 2023

These are the TikTok creators in Southwest Michigan ranked by followers. Updated 12/11/2023

Gallery Credit: TikTok

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Even though many local TikTokers killed the game this year, I think we can all agree, that 2023 wasn't the year we hoped it would be.  Let's jump in the ole time machine and take a look back to 2022.  That's the year that metal music blew up on the highly adictive social media app.

Rock + Metal Songs That Went Viral on TikTok in 2022

These rock + metal songs went viral on TikTok in 2022.

Gallery Credit: Lauryn Schaffner