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2024 is going to bring plenty of new changes for the Detroit Tigers and their fans-- for the better.

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The next time Tigers fans enter Detroit's Comerica Park they'll be watching a whole new ball team. At least, that's what it will look like on the big screen!

The franchise just announced they'll be getting some upgrades for the coming season with a new videoboard, sound system, and concourse televisions scheduled to be added prior to Opening Day, April 5, 2024.

Per the Ilitch News Hub the new project includes,

...a brand-new videoboard, measuring 15,688 square feet...Significant enhancements will be made to the audio system at Comerica Park, and televisions throughout the ballpark will be upgraded...The ballpark will receive new speakers that will be adjacent to the new videoboard, allowing for an enhanced audio experience throughout the ballpark.

Detroit Tigers screen
via Detroit Tigers/Illitch News Company

But, What About the Old Screen?

Prior to this new videoboard the Tigers were home to the 18th largest scoreboard in MLB, so this is definitely an improvement. So is the addition of 9,500 square feet more screen!

The new videoboard will feature a significantly higher resolution with pixels 33% closer; jumping from 2.4 million pixels 14.1 million is going to make a world of difference. You'll truly have to see it to believe it!

Says Ryan Gustafson, Ilitch Sports + Entertainment EVP/COO,

Investing in a world-class entertainment experience at Comerica Park for Tigers fans is a top priority for our organization...Fans will see and hear a noticeable difference on Opening Day

The next time you'll visit Comerica Park you'll be able to keep up with all the action when you make a run for the beer line, the Tigers' new concourse TVs will have new features like live feeds of the Tigers’ minor league affiliate teams-- such as the West Michigan Whitecaps!

Find more details on the project and the Tigers' Opening Day 2024 here.

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