Every town likes to boast about their most famous of celebrities that came up in their borders. The state of Michigan in general has an insane amount of celebrities, musicians, and athletes that manage to make their way to the top of the echelon of popularity.

But what about our own communities? For instance, we know there are some pretty famous people from Battle Creek, but who would you say is the MOST famous person to ever come from there?

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Battle Creek is a relatively small city with just over 50,000 residents in the last census, so you'd think a place this size might be slim pickins for famous people. Turns out - aside from an inordinate amount of politicians - Battle Creek has produced some pretty famous people.

Granted, a few of them are now more synonymous with bigger cities where they've moved after becoming famous. But yes, there are a handful that did, and do still call Battle Creek Home. So who IS the most famous person from Battle Creek?

First, some criteria for what makes a person famous - at the very least, you have to have heard of, or known about some of their work.

Jack McCauley
Wikipedia/Jack McCauley


As an example, I guarantee the name Jack McCauley doesn't jump out to most people. But, if you knew him, or were remotely close to him when he was growing up in Battle Creek, then you probably known that HE is the creator of the guitars, and drum sets for the popular video game Guitar Hero. He was also instrumental in launching the Oculus VR headset, too.

But unfortunately for McCauley, he lacks one of our criteria for making him the most famous person in Battle Creek.

Sojourner Truth
Wikipedia/Sojourner Truth

The person must also have name recognition, and someone like Sojourner Truth fits that bill. We all learned about her in school during the Underground Railroad chapters of history. She was an abolitionist, and one of the earliest proponents of civil rights from African Americans even before the Civil Rights movements. We're very familiar with her work.

But there's still something missing from Sojourner that our most famous people from Battle Creek have, and that's the "IT" factor.

Frankie Ballard
Wikipedia/Frankie Ballard

There's really no explaining the "IT" factor, other than these people have that thing about them that you cannot escape or forget. For example, Frankie Ballard. Originally from Battle Creek, he became a nationally-renowned country star with the likes of Kenny Chesney, and even had a song, "Sunshine and Whiskey" go Gold and Platinum. BUT, Ballard's celebrity has been short lived, as his peak years were only from about 2007 to 2017, and has since dropped off the radar.

Jason Newsted
Wikipedia/Jason Newsted

Another "IT" factor kind of guy, also in music, is Jason Newsted. Bass player for Metallica for a time, he's also been with a number of other bands. We in the rock world know and love him, but for some... he's always gonna be "that one bass player" in Metallica.

Someone who definitely has "IT" and is a superstar in his own right, he's the WHOLE F'n Show, and former WWE, WCW, and ECW wrestling icon Rob Van Dam. This guy is recognized worldwide for his acrobatic stunts and incredible persona and command of a ring. Arguably, one of the more famous people to ever come out of Battle Creek. But yet... if you're not a wrestling fan, then the name may escape you. Even some modern, more casual fans might not know Mr. PPV.

No, there is easily only one name that fits all the criteria: You've absolutely heard of their (yes their) products, you'll see their name almost on a daily basis, and they've certainly got the "IT" factor, considering their memorable past, the story of how they became famous, easily, the most famous person, or rather PEOPLE in Battle Creek are John Harvey and Will Keith Kellogg, the Kellogg Brothers who founded Kellogg's Cereal.

Wikipedia, WK and JH Kellogg
Wikipedia, WK and JH Kellogg

They've literally had movies made about them, and soon, another film about their creation of the Pop-Tart. Whether you knew they were from Battle Creek or not, Kellogg's is easily the most famous, and recognizable name to ever come out of the town.

Now, it is worth point out that C.W. Post ALSO came out of Battle Creek, but who's name is bigger on the cereal boxes?

Case closed.

What do you think? Did we get it right? Did we leave off any names? Be sure to let us know.

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