You're strolling through the picturesque woods of Michigan, taking in the quiet beauty, when suddenly you're struck with a thought, "Could there be cougars around here? Could one be stalking me?". Don't panic! We are not in danger of a full-scale feline invasion.

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Yes, there have been several confirmed cougar sightings in Michigan. Between 2019 and 2023, there were 44 confirmed big cat sightings in Michigan, 43 of those are in the photo gallery below.

Michigan Cougars: The Apex Predator with Introvert Tendencies

The cougars found in Michigan are huge. They can range from 6.5 to 7.5 feet long (their tails make up 1/3 of their body length) and weigh between 90 and 180 pounds, depending on the sex of the cougar. In some cases, male Michigan cougars can measure more than 8 feet long and weigh more than 200 pounds.

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The likelihood of running into one of these predators in the wild is slim. While Michigan's cougar cousins in California and Colorado have had suburban encounters, our cats much prefer to keep to themselves, with sightings mostly limited to tracks and trail cam photos and videos. The most recent Michigan sighting (seen below) shows Michigan's apex predator in action, in very rare footage:

Should you find yourself face to face with a Michigan cougar, DON'T RUN. Scoop up the little ones around you and make sure they don't bolt either. Forget playing dead, grab whatever is handy to protect yourself, your kids, and your pets.

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If you do observe or encounter one of Michigan's cougars, report it as soon as possible to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), using their online reporting tool.

CONFIRMED COUGAR SIGHTINGS: 43 Photos of Michigan's Apex Predator

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) works with landowners and other agencies to track cougars in the state. Here's a look at confirmed photos of Michigan cougar sightings.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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