Akon says he is praying for Diddy amid Puff's ongoing legal battles.

Akon Says He’s Praying for Diddy Amid Legal Troubles

On Friday (April 5), TMZ chatted with Akon at Los Angeles International Airport and asked him to share his thoughts on the flurry of lawsuits and possible sex trafficking investigation against Diddy. The R&B singer said that God knows best and that God was handling the situation with Puff.

"I would like to say just pray for the man," Akon said. "God knows best, whatever's happening, God's dealing with it and that's the best thing to say. But it is very unfortunate that things in this business are always being exposed in some ways and I think things could be done differently. But I think this is a matter for God and he's continue to deal with it how he's been dealing with it."

Akon continued, "I think when you have platforms like this, this is the year of truth at the end of the day. Things are gonna be exposed, but powers exposed to who it's exposed from...everyone's gonna have to answer for what we do on this earth. We all have issues, problems, skeletons, and then we also have rewards and achievements and everything of that nature. For the most part, I just believe that God is dealing with you you gotta let the process flow."

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Diddy's Son King Combs Sued for Sexual Assault

Akon's words of wisdom come as legal issues continue to befall the Combs family. On Friday, it was announced that a woman was suing Diddy's son King Combs for allegedly sexually assaulting her on a yacht in 2022. The suit claims a woman named Grace O'Marcaigh was working aboard a private yacht that Diddy rented for a party back in 2022. As the party got underway, O'Marcaigh claims Diddy's son became uncomfortably fixated on her, and at one point tried to kiss and grope her and force her to perform oral sex on him. O'Marcaigh says she has a recording of the entire ordeal and listed Diddy as a defendant.

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Check out the video of Akon saying he's praying for Diddy below.

Watch Akon Say He's Praying for Diddy

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