Bandman Kevo is projecting his Finesse God Scam School to rake in $10 million.

Bandman Kevo Projects Massive Earnings

Earlier this month, Bandman Kevo launched his online course, whose goal is to teach people about all kinds of scams so they know how to avoid them. Apparently, the course has been making dividends for the Chicago rapper.

"Bout to make $10 million off my school," Kevo recently captioned a post about the course on Instagram. "I will have every single scam in the world to avoid and steps on how people do it."

Bandman Kevo is charging $25 a month for his course, which is described on his website as a, "Dive into the world of scams with finesse god scam talk! Explore the latest tricks and techniques scammers are using in 2024 to deceive individuals and organizations. From sophisticated online schemes to clever social engineering tactics, we'll dissect how they operate and arm you with knowledge to stay one step ahead."

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Bandman Kevo Convicted of Credit Card Scamming

Bandman Kevo has knowledge of the scamming game as a former scammer himself. In 2014, he was charged with bank fraud. He was eventually convicted of credit card fraud in 2016 and served close to three years in prison before being released in 2019.

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Check out Bandman Kevo giving a fiscal projection for his Finesse God Scam School below.

See Bandman Kevo Bragging About His Scam School

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